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15th of May 2016

I recently watched Captain America: Civil War and was quite impressed by the writing, particularly the miniature character arc between Sam and Bucky. I also watched Minions on Netflix, and am still laughing at the Corgi polo. I just needed to point that out. (Spoilers ahead, and I'm assuming you've seen the movie, so I'll be brief.)

Deadpool As Satire

27th of Feb 2016

I saw the Deadpool movie last weekend, and I enjoyed it. After mulling it over all week, I’ve decided that, intentionally or not, Deadpool is a brilliant satire of the teenage power fantasy elements so prevalent in comics. So subtle that it’s hard to tell it is satire, as the best ones always are (spoilers ahead).

DeadpoolImage Source: @VancityReynolds

Young Justice Rises Again (With Subtext)

20th of Feb 2016

I recently watched the second season of Young Justice on Netflix and was impressed by the writing, particularly the way in which they handled the breakup of Miss Martian and Superboy. After his telepathic troubles with Project Cadmus, her trying to alter his mind would easily trigger residual trauma.

A Turn to Gossamer

21st of Jul 2015

I've connected with Ellis Goodson, and together we're collaborating on a graphic short story.

I'm very excited to see how it will turn out!

More to come later.