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Generic Concerns

25th of Nov 2012

It looks like the debate regarding the differences, if any, between literature and genre fiction is still ongoing. That post, which came to me through Twitter's weekly updates, is a continuation of a literary tradition where people disagree with each other through magazines. Reading through some of the ever-expanding web of links, I think Lev Grossman is right in that a lot of the intensity comes from the attempt to define good writing, what literature is.

Passion and Imperfection

4th of Nov 2012

I don't remember what linked me to this blog about the generally poor quality of self-published writing, and as sometimes happens it got me thinking. Not so much about the complaints regarding low-quality writing, which certainly exists, or how the Internet has enabled the mass publicity thereof, which is also true. And a good editor and proofreader certainly help. Dick Richards: Private Eye wouldn't have been as polished as it was without

The Third Time's the Charm

14th of Oct 2012

After several visits to my mother-in-law's place while my wife's been in training, I finally achieved a small but significant personal victory. After about forty minutes, I figured out how to get the DVD player to work, but every time I'm over there I see Wall-E and Up on the movie shelf and decide to watch.

The Reviewer's Conundrum

7th of Oct 2012

I've been thinking and it occurs to me that it might seem like the review I mentioned in an earlier post was a bad one. It actually wasn't, but it got me thinking about artistic taste in general and just how subjective it is. And personally, nothing quite brings that into focus like the idea of me writing a review.

Artists and Outsiders

16th of Sep 2012

In college, my philosophy professor once told a class a story about Baruch Spinoza, who lived in the 1600s and got excommunicated from the Jewish religion. The story didn't have anything to do with his philosophy (while the excommunication probably did) but was about his choices in life.