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Best. Day. Ever.

2nd of May 2016

Today I learned that not only is squircular a real word, but it's also a technical term. I didn't stop laughing for hours! Better yet, they come in two varieties: plain vanilla and Fernandez Guasti. The latter is for discerning gentlemen with class.

They look a bit like this:



28th of Feb 2015

"-osphere" is, quite possibly, the most scientific morpheme in the English language. You've got a biosphere, geosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, chromosphere, photosphere, rhizosphere, asthenosphere, inosophere, photosphere, even a noosphere. I don't know what all those words mean, but I'm sure that there has been at least one research grant awarded for the study of each of them. Because they're important (science says so).

And then you've got the blogosphere. It just sounds bloated.


4th of Jan 2015

In my short span upon this world I have striven to accumulate what might, in a nobler time and place, as well as a nobler man, be considered wisdom. In that time, if I have discovered but one poetic truth worthy of passing along, it is this:

There will always be new and interesting ways to be a jackass.
Most of those ways are free.
Thus human society.

Dutch Oven of Love

20th of Dec 2014

This week at work, the conversation turned toward poetry. Angie mentioned a poem by James L. Dickey called "Falling". I tried to read it. It did not go well.

And Now A Word from Our Sponsors

26th of Nov 2014

Has your mutt's enthusiasm been muted? Is chasing squirrels and eviscerating lawn rodents no longer putting the pep in your pup? If so, talk to your veterinarian about Tasty Taint Dog Treats.

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