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15th of May 2016

I recently watched Captain America: Civil War and was quite impressed by the writing, particularly the miniature character arc between Sam and Bucky. I also watched Minions on Netflix, and am still laughing at the Corgi polo. I just needed to point that out. (Spoilers ahead, and I'm assuming you've seen the movie, so I'll be brief.)

Another Musical Interlude

20th of Jan 2013

I’m a bit late to the party, but when the party is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, late’s better than never. I watched it on Netflix and loved it, particularly “Everyone’s a Hero in Their Own Way.” Nathan "The Hammer Is My..." Fillion nails that smug, shallow arrogance, complementing the lyrics perfectly. Plus, the overall arc was one of the classic tragic patterns, neatly tucked into a three-act structure. That’s what makes the story what it is and gives it its dramatic power. The superhero motif and musical numbers are icing on the cake. (Spoilers follow, so if you haven’t seen it, you might want to do so first.)

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

2nd of Dec 2012

After seeing several references to it, I decided to read Snow Crash. After realizing the library here lets you check out e-books, I downloaded it and a few minutes later was reading on the couch. I enjoyed it, but more than a few times I was struck with how similar to The Da Vinci Code it is.

Questions About Angels by Billy Collins

18th of Nov 2012

The other day, I started reading Questions About Angels again. It's a book of poetry by Billy Collins, onetime poet laureate of the United States. Yes, we have those—there has to be some culture around here somewhere, after all.

The Third Time's the Charm

14th of Oct 2012

After several visits to my mother-in-law's place while my wife's been in training, I finally achieved a small but significant personal victory. After about forty minutes, I figured out how to get the DVD player to work, but every time I'm over there I see Wall-E and Up on the movie shelf and decide to watch.