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Best. Day. Ever.

2nd of May 2016

Today I learned that not only is squircular a real word, but it's also a technical term. I didn't stop laughing for hours! Better yet, they come in two varieties: plain vanilla and Fernandez Guasti. The latter is for discerning gentlemen with class.

They look a bit like this:


For those not familiar with too much math, squircles are a subset of superellipses that follow the general form x4 + y4 = r4.

In contrast, the Fernandez Guasti squircles are smooth quartic curves of the form x2 + y2 - s2r-2x2y2 = r2, where r and s are variable parameters. This blog has more info, as well as various projections of squares onto circles (and vice versa), including a method called FG-squircular mapping.

Like all good students, it's important to use new vocabulary words in a sentence to ensure they stick. *ahem*

"Have you ever noticed how squircular James' face looks when he squints? No wonder no one trusts him."

And now that my duty of informing the Internet of awesome has been fulfilled, I must move on to my next project: determining just how annoying squircular logic can be.

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