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A Week of Accomplishment

25th of Jun 2017

One of the things I do in my spare time to de-stress (or find some eustress if I need to wake up without caffeine), is play crazyhouse chess. It's a variant that's played like normal chess, except that captured pieces switch sides and can be dropped back onto the board. I typically play on—the interface feels a bit clunky to me and the better players (JannLee, TwelveTeen, chickencrossroad, mastertan) frequent lichess more often. I scored shared 10th in the inaugural Crazyhouse World Championship, and now, on lichess, reached the Top 10 on the ratings list for the first time!

I'm also getting a firmer grip on the functional programming paradigm. I've been hung up on the idea of a stateless system, but after looking at the code behind the concepts of currying and reducers, I think I've figured it out. It's not that functional programming doesn't represent state; it's that functional programming represents state as an argument that's passed to a function.

I've also got the first parts of third Dick Richards book and the next book outlined. It was a productive couple of weeks.

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