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And Now, Neverwhere

13th of Feb 2016

I recently finished reading The Left Hand of Darkness. I enjoyed the slower pace—what some might consider an older style. A nice break from the action hero one-liner intensity that's claimed to be the style nowadays. It also made me realize (again) that I'm trying too hard in my own writing.

The Left Hand of Darkness

17th of Jan 2016

I'm still reading more Ursula K. LeGuin. I liked the Jungian bent in Language Of The Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction. It was a good reminder that stories can be more than entertainment. If handled well and respectfully, they can be windows into human nature. More than pop culture spectacles.

Bits and Pieces

3rd of Jan 2016

I've read a lot by Ursula K. Le Guin recently, partially because I read A Wizard of Earthsea when younger and enjoyed it, and partially because her work bridges literary criticism.

Write Every Day, Or Else

2nd of Dec 2015

I often have a hard time staying focused, but only when attempting something important. Like now. I want to write about why I can't stop writing. Or something deep and socially relevant, like how aiming for a good grade is not a good way to be a writer.

But, you know, focus.

Flash Fiction for Everyone!

1st of Dec 2015

This is the story of Baron von UmptyScrunch, who is only remembered because of his name.

The end.