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And Now It's Mid-November

19th of Nov 2015

Wow. It's been a bit longer than I anticipated before posting here again. Life, work, cats. And now it's in the middle of NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month.

WorldCon and Writer's Worksheeps

30th of Aug 2015

I was briefly at WorldCon last week. I don't enjoy crowds, but I have friends in Spokane and figured I might as well see one World Science Fiction Convention before I die. And through an intricate series of events, I ended up moderating two sections of the writer's workshop. Best of all, nobody cried at the workshops, which was my bar for success going in.

Mission accomplished!

And a Story Begins

2nd of Aug 2015

This is a guest post that appeared on Daniel Ausema's blog.

So. A behind the scenes/making of. “Under a Shattered Sky” from Steampunk: The Other Worlds. Let’s begin.

Opening tableau: an image of grey, broken dust-swept plains, lonely under a black sky. Bereft. Barren. When I closed my eyes, that was what I saw. An atmosphere humming with the oboe tones of desolation. Sunsets unwatched, a smaller light fading into oblivion.

A Turn to Gossamer

21st of Jul 2015

I've connected with Ellis Goodson, and together we're collaborating on a graphic short story.

I'm very excited to see how it will turn out!

More to come later.

Sacred Cows

6th of Jul 2015

I was recently reading Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing as I'm feeling my way through this. Everything's up in the air, things are falling apart, and as usual people's entrenched interests color the information.

Nothing witty today. Just processing how to keep the joy in writing while acknowledging the business side.