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Thoughts on the Business of Writing

21st of Jun 2015

I was on a link crawl today, initiated by a link in my Facebook feed to Pronoun, potential new self-publishing platform. Along the way, I came across this advice for authors regarding (self)publishing:

...[O]ur decisions on which options to take should be as ruthless and rational as those of anyone else in the business, because that’s in our interest, not in theirs.

The Numbers Get Bigger Game

2nd of Jun 2015

This is a guest post that appeared on Sam Knight's blog.

I have a story in the recently published Steampunk: The Other Worlds and as part of being an [reverb]Author in the Internet Era[/reverb], it’s time to slap a new coat of paint on the sales wagon, travel the countryside and shill, shill, shill.

However, I’m not too fond of consumerism to begin with, so if you’re looking for colored glass bottles filled with smoky elixirs (all reasonably priced, of course) I’m afraid you’ll leave disappointed.

Terry Pratchett Is No more

14th of Mar 2015

Love the books. Rest in peace. Another flower fades.

Socially Acceptable

11th of Mar 2015

It bothers me that so many insults are based on prejudice. I suppose that's why insults were invented, but it does make it harder to flip societal power structures. There are many slurs against homosexuals, but almost none against heterosexuals. That's a shame. If our society can't aim for love and tolerance, perhaps we should settle for equality.

Then again, biscuit nebbish could become hate speech if the right (wrong) people use it enough. It's all context.


28th of Feb 2015

"-osphere" is, quite possibly, the most scientific morpheme in the English language. You've got a biosphere, geosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, chromosphere, photosphere, rhizosphere, asthenosphere, inosophere, photosphere, even a noosphere. I don't know what all those words mean, but I'm sure that there has been at least one research grant awarded for the study of each of them. Because they're important (science says so).

And then you've got the blogosphere. It just sounds bloated.